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treatment of disorders of the nose and paranasal sinuses

PROPEL & SINUVA — Localized Drug Delivery

Clinically Proven to Improve Surgical Outcomes for Chronic Sinusitis Sufferers

What is PROPEL?

Kinston Head & Neck is proud to offer its patients that are undergoing sinus surgery access to the PROPEL family of dissolvable sinus implants. PROPEL sinus implants are the first of a new category of products offering localized, controlled drug delivery directly to the sinus tissue, and the first and only product backed by Level 1-A evidence which improves sinus surgery outcomes. The spring like implant is inserted by your physician to help maintain the surgical opening, prop open the sinuses to allow for proper draining and for medications to reach their intended destination, and gradually delivers an advanced corticosteroid (mometasone furoate) with anti-inflammatory properties directly to the sinus lining. As you heal from surgery, the implant dissolves. Learn more about PROPEL here, and if you think you are a candidate for the PROPEL sinus implant, please call our office.

What is SINUVA?

For patients that have had a previous sinus surgery and present with recurrent nasal polyps, Kinston Head & Neck is proud to offer SINUVA as a potential treatment option for patients 18 years of age or older pending patient insurance coverage. For patients that are looking for an alternative to repeat sinus surgery, a break from oral steroids, or are interested in learning about another option to help manage their chronic nasal polyps, SINUVA can be a great option. SINUVA is an innovative implant that opens in the sinus cavity, and delivers anti-inflammatory directly to polyps for 3 months straight. Placed in a routine office visit, SINUVA is delivered into the sinus cavity through the nasal opening, and usually cannot be felt once it is in place. It is removed at 90 days or earlier based on the doctor’s discretion. For full safety information please visit and if you are interested in talking to one of our doctors about SINUVA as a possible treatment option please call our office.